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  1. W

    Stocks and sectors affected by rising interest rates?

    It looks like the days of Rising Interest Rates is truly coming this time, though everything was at rhetoric stage in previous years. Which stocks would be affected, and which sectors are mostly at risk when interest rates do go up, starting from mid-Dec, FOMC Mtg ?
  2. S

    ETFs vs. deposit interest

    Hi, I'm 25. My portfolio is 80% stocks, 20% cash, + 6 months living expenses. Within the 80% stocks I have 75% MSCI World and want to invest the other 25% in EM. When I finished work last year I invested 30k in euro between MSCI World and EM with a european broker. I then moved to...
  3. sydboy007

    Interest free offers - false advertising?

    I have an issue with the current no deposit interest free offers currently being pushed onto the market. The below offer from DSE is symptomatic of the kind of deceptive offers out there. The company is advertising 24 months interest free with no deposit on purchases over $600. I believe...
  4. T

    Interest on Term Deposit accounts

    How do banks calculate interest on term deposits, what is the formula for this? What I thought was the calculation didn't seem to equal what the bank calculator on website said so want to know how to calculate it myself. Thank you
  5. A

    Best high interest bank accounts you use/have found

    I remember a few years ago looking at HISA's (high interest savings account) that had as much as 7%. Now all i can find if 5% term deposit and about 4.5 introductory 4% normal. Has anyone found a higher one they use? This is purely for cash, not trading, so no need to be linked or...
  6. A

    CMC Markets stockbroking designed to steal your interest

    CMC markets offer attractive brokerage rates ($9.90 minimum or 0.1%) making commsec, nabtrade, and etrade for example overly expensive. For example $15000 traded with cmc will cost you $15 rather than 29.95 with commsec and nabtrade making cmc the broker of choice for certain. But they give...
  7. O

    Where can I put my money to earn more interest than an ING saver account?

    I have $50,000 in an ING saver account. I deposited it on the 28th of Feb and since then its made $415. Where can i put my money that will have similar low risk but generating more interest/dividends etc... Thanks.
  8. ftw129

    How can I offset/hedge against the high interest I'm paying?

    Hello out there! I'm currently stuck on a fixed mortgage rate of 7.48% (interest only, investment loan) for another 3.5 years. Is there something I can do, (like buy or sell a leveraged instrument that moves in tandem with the rates) to help close the gap between the high rate that I'm...