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  1. Frankieplus

    Negative interest rates effect on equities

    Hello everyone, I've been reading about Trumps push for negative interest rates so I started to research this. I came across conflicting views all a bit too hard for me to understand. So I thought I'd ask in here in case someone knows the answer. If by some chance, Australia goes into...
  2. H

    Why don't RBA raise rates if RBA is concerned about high housing prices?

    I can understand RBA cannot cut rates out of concern for fuelling the high house prices in Sydney. In that case, why don't RBA simply hike rates? What is RBA worried about hiking rates...
  3. W

    Stocks and sectors affected by rising interest rates?

    It looks like the days of Rising Interest Rates is truly coming this time, though everything was at rhetoric stage in previous years. Which stocks would be affected, and which sectors are mostly at risk when interest rates do go up, starting from mid-Dec, FOMC Mtg ?
  4. D

    September 2016 Federal Reserve Rate Hike

    September FOMC Meeting [full blog here:] A recap. In the lead-up to this month’s FOMC meeting, we take a step back and look at the meeting minutes of July. Comparing the conclusions made in the previous meeting...
  5. H

    Why didn't US stock market crash on 26 August given higher chance of rate hike?

    Yellen said case for rate hike is stronger now. Why didn't the stock market crash?
  6. H

    Why did the stock market perform badly today after RBA rate cut?

    When central bank cuts interest rate, shouldn't this be bullish for stock market? This is usually the case for U.S markets when the Fed cuts interest rate. Why did the stock market here perform badly after RBA cut rate today? Why do we interpret this market action?
  7. jbocker

    Westpac interest rate hike

    I was unimpressed with this move on rates, which is on the back of the rate increases for investment loans done by banks only several weeks back. The Fed reserve rate means nothing it seems, as the banks dont pass on the full rates when there is a drop and now claim increases when there is no...
  8. A

    Interest rates zero forever?

    What does that mean for new investors? Just seems normal cycles will not exist as easily anymore? Basically the problem of kicking the tin down the street gets worse and worse. Is it greed? Can somebody please explain the situation to me and some of the likely scnearios..? Thanks in...
  9. R

    Hedging interest rates and property prices with ASX 10 year government bond futures

    Good day, Have you ever tried hedging mortgage interest rate risks with ASX futures? Share your experience please! Best regards, Alex
  10. D

    ASX 200 and Interest Rates

    Hi, I'm interested in peoples opinion about the relationship between the (RBA) overnight cash rate and the ASX200 -INDEXASX:XJO. Can you say from a liquidity point of view that the ASX200 goes up when interest rates are reduced ? Also, I was looking for evidence of INDEXASX:XJO decoupling...
  11. A

    Australian Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate

    Hi I am just wondering how I can find historical Australian Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate for free
  12. J

    Bonds: what's up with those interest rates?

    Hi all, I'm looking at ASX listed Ausatralian Government Bonds (list here) and I noticed something weird. What's up with the wildly varying interest rates? For example, the GSBG23 has an interest rate of 5.5%, whereas the GSBG24 has only 2.75%. Why would someone buy the GSBG24? Is it a...
  13. MrBurns


    I wonder what the bank wil charge me to hold my money ?..........just thinking into the future after todays cut.:rolleyes:
  14. Tyler Durden

    Interest rates - why focus only on borrowers?

    Everytime there is discussion of interest rates and the potential for the RBA to reduce it, it is always in the context of how it will affect the borrowers. But why do they never seem to consider savers? My ING savings account now only pays 4% and Ubank pays 5.5%, which is a huge drop from...
  15. M

    Interest Rates, GDP & Inflation

    The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures came out last week, and as everyone now knows, the headline rate was a fall of 1.2% in March GDP from December GDP. Much is written and analysed about this figure and the implications it has for our economy. It is interesting to analyse the figures in...
  16. Sugar Dunkaton

    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Hi Guys & Girls, Seem like everyone is pretty down on Margin Lending at the moment, but i have been revolving my one over for the last couple of years (low LVR). Just wanted to find out if anyone is using fixed margin loans as opposed to the variable margin loans. My Commsec loan only...
  17. grandia3

    RBA cash rate

    G'day people :) with RBA meeting due next Tuesday, any takers on what their cash rate decision will be? IMO, taking into account the recent flood, increase in cash rate is unlikely but, economists sometimes surprise us :D
  18. Sugar Dunkaton

    Rate Rises and Home Ownership

    Now, I know this might be a little controversial. And before I get into the nuts of it I will say openly that I am not a home owner, and investment property owner or a commercial property owner, although I have run numbers on all of the above. To the point, I am getting a little tired of...
  19. Largesse

    Interest Rates

    A number of scenarios: Hold-Lower-Lower Hold-Hold-Lower Hold-Hold-Hold Lower-Lower-Lower If the guvna holds this month and strongly indicates that he will lower in coming months where should i move my cash immediatly? financials?

    High inflation, interest rates and petrol prices

    High petrol prices, food prices, interest rates and general inflation are starting to effect consumer spending, Have a read