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  1. R

    Interactive Brokers TWS API - Excel download

    Hi I am trying to download ASX stock prices from Interactive Brokers TWS using a TWS API, so far without any luck. I have tried suggestions on this Forum without any luck I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks AlanH
  2. S

    Interactive Brokers: Asking for opinion?

    Hi people, I need your thoughts and opinions so please hear me out. I am a new to stock market. I am sorely interested in investing in stocks of companies and ETFs in Global markets.(Ex: AUS, USA, Poland, Europe, etc.) As an Australian resident, it has been quite challenging few weeks to...
  3. mangojoe

    Understanding Interactive Broker's Trail Limit Stop order

    Good day, I struggle to make sense of how to correctly fill out a trail limit order for selling a stock even if I have the manual next to me on Interactive Brokers. Especially with 2 fields being mutually exclusive. I wrote these hints down for myself, correct me if I am wrong. My aim is to lock...
  4. T

    IB market data

    Hi All Would anyone know why Interactive Brokers doesn’t show market data outside of hours? I have checked their “chart time options” setting and the box to tick is shadowed and won’t allow it to be ticked. I do have an active market data level 2 subscription. Thanks in advance.
  5. B

    Is Interactive Brokers still the best broker to use?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has been asked lately but is interactive brokers still the best broker to use? I know there where posts from years ago saying it was but I can't find anything to see if this info is still current? I'm using Nabtrade at the moment and it is more down than up, plus last...
  6. A

    Interactive Brokers - annual tax trust distributions details

    Hi, ASX listed trusts provide annual tax statements relating to distributions and taxable components for shareholders. However with Interactive Brokers, IB acts as a custodian so the actual customer does not receive these annual tax statements. How do other IB customers deal with this...
  7. A

    IB Share Trader Taxation

    Hi All, Hoping I can get some help regarding taxation as a Share Trader ("trading as a business") using Interactive Brokers (IB). Specifically which categories of IB reports to use to do a tax return. On the surface, there appear to be a number of options: 1) The Net Asset value summary...
  8. E

    IB Trading Partner

    Hi there, I'm Sydney based looking for assistence, hands on help using interactive brokers on US option trading. I know what I want to do, know my strategies, but for the life of me can't get on a roll. Keep getting obsticles put in my way for actual trading. Are there people out there that...
  9. A

    Jigsaw Trading and Interactive Brokers

    Hi all, Is anyone here using Jigsaw trading to trade using an IB trading account and data feed through the free Ninja trading platform as the link? An if so are there any restrictions on what exchanges Jigsaw can trade on? Any suggestions what be great! A8
  10. R

    New here: HELP I just opened an IB Account...

    Hey guys, I'm really struggling with the IB UI/Workstation and its charting software especially the lack of candle size/TF options i.e. no 6, 8, 12 or 16 hr candles!? Does anyone know if there is an option to add additional time frames I've searched high and low and can't find anything...
  11. N

    Trader Workstation - days in trade column?

    Interactive Brokers - using trader workstation Can I add a "days in trade" column and/or is there another way to track performance per days? so I can track if a stock is not really doing anything, treading water so I can get out and put funds elsewhere? Also buying IPO and using my issued...
  12. T

    Cheapest Way to Get CME Data?

    I'm signing up to interactive Brokers with corporate trustee so I can open a margin account. The biggest drawback so far are the market data fees because this kind of account is considered "professional". As it stands, this would be just over a $1000 drag on profits p.a. Does anyone know any...
  13. T

    What's it like to get a margin call with Interactive Brokers?

    Hi all, I've been reading a lot about futures and options and I'm waiting to learn more before I dip my toe. One the things on my mind is what are the mechanics of a margin call on derivatives, specifically with IB. I'm planning on holding cash and bonds while trading futures/future options...
  14. Soma

    Interactive Brokers - TWS - Options

    Hi, Can anyone post the method to do "Buy to close" a sold covered call position in Interactive Brokers Mosaic or TWS. They don't seem to use that terminology so can't find in documentation. All help, greatly appreciated.
  15. L

    RTD codes for AP Index (XJO) through Interactive Brokers

    Hi, I have some experience with RTD - but can't get it to work for the XJO through interactive brokers. I have the market data subscription, and to bring up the chart and options - IB has the XJO listed as the AP Index. I am using IB's sample excel document to start with (image attached) -...
  16. S

    Options trading in Australia

    Hi all, Seeking a bit of help for those who have experience with options trading in Australia. I have been trading options in the U.S. for about two years now, originally through OptionsXpress which has now become Charles Schwab. I'm fairly comfortable with options trading basics and have...
  17. R

    Interactive Brokers: HIN/SRN?

    Hello I need to fill a legal document and I am asked the HIN/SRN of the shares I have with Interactive Brokers. Do you know where I can find that out? I searched on Google and from what I found it seems I am not the legal owner of those shares, then who is? I am asked also who is the...
  18. J

    Interactive Brokers Fees

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if someone can clarify the fees for me on IB. I have an individual cash account with around 25K trading in stocks only. I'm having trouble working out the fees involved with IB. Currently I pay brokerage with IB of $25 USD for each US listed stock and $30 AUD for all...
  19. jjbinks

    Placing order for ASX shares on Interactive Brokers

    Hey all, I am trying to order some shares on IB webtrader. When I place order it says that there is a margin. I'm pretty sure I have no enabled margin loans so not sure how that is possible. I can't work out what I am doing wrong. Thanks
  20. M

    Cannot login to my Interactive Brokers account

    I received an email saying IB are transforming accounts, user action is required. Then I try to login but no any luck. I believe my password is right. Their online password resetting is not working. Their customer service number(Australia +61 (2) 8093 7300 Direct dial) is disconnected, I cannot...