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  1. Jack Aubrey

    The Future of Private Health Insurance

    Since it was mentioned in passing on another thread, I am starting a new thread about the medium/longer term future of the Private Health Insurance (PHI) industry - from an investment and policy perspective. I have a pretty negative view of PIH - from both a personal point of view and as an...
  2. SirRumpole

    How much do people pay for home insurance?

    10 years ago $800 pa, this year $1700. In a rural but not in a flood prone, fire prone or high crime area, this increase seems exhorbitant. How are others faring ?
  3. SirRumpole

    Automation, driverless cars and insurance

    This case and others like it could set the cat among the pigeons in the insurance industry.
  4. weird2

    Looking for Life Insurance in SMSF

    Hi, can anyone please suggest a company/website where I can find an online quote for Life insurance specifically where I state it is within my SMSF? Thanks. Cheers.
  5. Bill M

    39 Year Old Life Insurance Policy Just Matured

    When I was a young fellow this insurance salesman walked into our training school and virtually signed us all up individually for a insurance policy. I knew nothing about insurance or investing. The deal was that you pay $2 a week and should you die your family would get a death benefit of...
  6. System

    GRS - Greenstone Limited

    Greenstone Limited designs, prices, markets, distributes and administers personal insurance products. The Company operates from a single location, with its call centre supported by online and over the phone underwriting processes. Greenstone had more than 350,000 in-force policies and 310,000...
  7. darkhorse70

    Life/income insurance for a 22yr old necessary?

    So a conpany called real insurance called and after some discussion with the guy on the phone it got me a little interested. Mainly the fact that if I get injured I still want an income so I can focus on trading. Now the real question. Are the odds against me. Is this a bad gamle to take. I...
  8. K


    This one came up last night at dinner - completely flawed me. Background: I live in a 4th story apartment which I own. It's a nice area. I don't own home and contents insurance because I figure if someone is able to get through the foyer security door, up 3 flights of stairs, through my...
  9. matty77

    Insurance Cover - Death, TPD, IP

    So I just changed jobs so need to change my superannuation fund since at my new workplace I don't have a choice of which super fund I go with. So I have been looking at my insurance cover within my current (old) superannuation in comparison to the new one. Has raised a few questions in regards...
  10. A

    Life insurance, proof of ID?

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me with this: it might be a bit of a weird question but I wonder if Australian life insurances ask for proof of ID of the beneficiary?? eg copy of passport or driving licence. It seems a bit off to me and I wonder if someone is trying to screw me over to get my...
  11. M

    Lenders' Mortgage Insurance [LMI] on Home Loans

    Hi We plan to assist a much loved family member get the deposit together to purchase a house. They are currently renting. My understanding is that, generally, a deposit of 20% is required to avoid very expensive LMI. I am hoping, among the collective wisdom on ASF, that some...
  12. Julia

    Home and Contents Insurance

    Can anyone comment on what level of rise they're finding with House and Contents policies? My renewal notice arrived yesterday and it's up 30% on last year. I can only assume they are trying to recoup all that was paid out last year with floods and fires. Really annoys me. If I've taken...
  13. sptrawler

    $4 unemployment insurance: Is it the beginning of the U.S model?

    I don't know what everyone else thinks, but this is the beginning of the end of the dole?:D It smacks of the way the British based pension scheme was scuttled. LOL the unions are supporting it.
  14. Smurf1976

    House & contents insurance

    Upon carefully reading my house and contents insurance policy, I see that there is an option for "domestic workers compensation" insurance . Apparently this is to cover the likes of gardeners, painters or anyone else you might have working around the house and is available in some states only...
  15. Ato

    Aussie life insurance?

    I was wondering if anyone has any info on life insurance in Oz. I'm looking for comments on rough costs per month for plans and how much they pay out, and of course what type of plans they are? I'm trying to compare to what I can find here in Japan. Thus far it seems Japan is damned expensive...