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insider trading

  1. X

    How to track insider trading?

    How do you track insider trading? How do you know if an employee of that company buys shares of their own company?
  2. greggles

    Trading on the basis of suspected insider trading

    Sometimes I notice unusual volume and price increases/decreases on small caps that do not appear to be associated with any news on that particular day. However, in many instances price sensitive information is subsequently released within a few days and the price movement usually mirrors the...
  3. sydboy007

    Insider trading - with pathetic sentencing it will never stop

    Seriously, a guy sells $3M in shares that end up being worthless not too long after, and all he gets is a $50K fine. More:$3m-insider-trading-but-only-gets-a-$50k-fine.html
  4. dutchie

    Inside Trading

    When getting wrong information is no defence to insider trading charges THE High Court says you can be charged with insider trading even if it turns out you were acting on dodgy information...
  5. T

    Huge spike in volume before AWP earnings release

    I was exploring if one was able find any tell tale signs before an earnings release. I came across AWP which were going to release their report on Aug 11th @ 4.30pm When I looked at...
  6. N

    New watchdog for "insider" trades

    "From Monday, ASIC will oversee stockbroker and investment bank trading, as well as potential legal breaches such as market manipulation. New fines, penalties and powers are set to take effect that will allow ASIC to conduct raids, use phone taps and seek increased jail terms for perpetrators of...
  7. M

    Examples of insider trading

    Just out of interest, I thought I'd start a thread on insider trading. I am hoping for concrete examples, not just rampant speculation. To start the ball rolling, have a look at the volume and price action of EXR towards the end of june. On the day of the massive drop, it was announced that...