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  1. greggles

    ASX Infrastructure Stocks

    Now that the Australian residential housing boom has largely peaked, increased public sector spending on large infrastructure projects in expected to pick up the slack in the construction sector. Out of the ASX-listed infrastructure and construction stocks which, in your view, are most likely...
  2. M

    Infrastructure Stocks Franking

    I was wondering why Infrastructure stocks like Toll Roads, Airports, Property, Electricity companies don't earn franking credits?
  3. W

    Companies exposed to infrastructure spending

    With the release of the 2014 Budget, the LNP government outlined some new infrastructure spending for rail, roads and ports. Which companies would have the greatest exposure to this spending?
  4. sptrawler

    They are going to clamp down on infrastructure rip offs

    Well i think this is all a bit late, Bris Connect, River City Motorway what a rip off. Then to put insult after injury, Connect East, when it bottoms out then starts to climb on improved cashflows, the Ar$e###les sell it out to overseas interests. Don't you get pizzed off with being taken for...
  5. Smurf1976


    I just read on the ABC news site of yet another train derailment, this time affecting NSW - Vic rail lines. A few days ago there was one affecting Vic - SA whilst it's no secret in Tas that major investment is needed in rail. Zinifex is road freighting zinc because the trains can't take the...