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  1. fergee

    Food scarcity

    An average human being can go 3minutes without air, 3 hours in extreme weather conditions with out shelter, 3 days with out water and 3 weeks with out food. This thread is for anecdotal and scientific measures of food scarcity and food price inflation. With an exponentially increasing global...
  2. H

    Short index or long commodity futures if inflationary 1970s return?

    During the 1970s, commodities boomed while stocks crashed. Given a choice, would you prefer shorting index or longing commodity futures if the inflationary 1970s market conditions return? Do you think it is easier to make money shorting index futures than longing commodity futures?
  3. A

    When will huge inflation in Australia occur to wipe down the debts?

    I am keen to know if there will be inflation anytime soon in Australia so that the huge mortgage I have taken can be wiped down somewhat? I need prices to go up tenfold and salaries to follow suit, so that I don't have to repay my bank so much money. Will this occur? Can we make it occur...
  4. P

    Gold and Inflation, what's the link?

    I often see when browsing the net and looking at building portfolios that Gold is often mentioned as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty and you should allocate a part of your assets (up to about 10%) to this class be it Physical or Fund/ETF. Why is gold a hedge against inflation and...
  5. darkhorse70

    How inflation affects Bitcoins

    Hey I have a general understanding on inflation but some times it drives me in circles. I get the whole thing how increasing money supply reduces interst rates and technictally increases inflation. Im assuming inflation can target certain products more dramatically than others. Isnt that a good...
  6. B

    Inflation or deflation?

    The printing presses are running hot in the UK and the USA. Are we in for inflation or deflation? Orthodoxy would have it that we are in for massive inflation, and people always point to the 1923 German...

    High inflation, interest rates and petrol prices

    High petrol prices, food prices, interest rates and general inflation are starting to effect consumer spending, Have a read
  8. BSD


    Inflation is approaching concerning levels in Australia. Inflation is a result of an economy running beyond its capacity. Australia has not been able to respond to terms of trade booming due to massive capacity restraints. We cant hire enough skilled workers due to lack of training...
  9. M

    Who benefits from inflation?

    There seems to be an increasing groundswell of thought that we are in for a bout of inflation. As serious inflation has not been seen in Oz for at least 10 years or so, I thought it would be good to discuss the effects so that we can plan to benefit. For example, if the price of gold...