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  1. Dominover

    Australian Sector Indices line Chart?

    Would anyone know where I can find an Australian Sector Indices Line Chart? I've seen them represented in reports from time to time but I'm lost as to where I can find a free and up to date on on the web. Yahoo finance lets you compare charts but it doesn't list all the ASX indices. Thanks
  2. D

    How can I short indices?

    Other than using CFDs and futures, is there any product that allows me to short indices such as XJO, or other indices? My broker has told me I cannot short ETFs, which would have been my first choice for shorting. Apparently you can short MINI warrants, but I know little about them.
  3. G

    How can ETFs track indices?

    Sounds like a newbie question but still: Let's take ASX:IVV, an ETF that tracks S&P 500. The ETF itself is traded within ASX trading hours, and the price is obviously determined by those who buy and sell. On the other hand, stocks that compose S&P 500 are traded within the U.S. trading hours...
  4. E

    Where do I find "official" index return numbers and how are they calculated?

    I'd like to find the annual returns of, say, the All Ordinaries index (or Small Ordinaries). Firstly, what's a free, reliable source of this data? Secondly, how exactly are these returns calculated? You know, when a fund manager says "our fund returned x%, while All Ordinaries returned y% in...
  5. B

    Australian shares and their indices

    Hi, I would like to review the sector index of a share and its direction etc.. before I open a position. To do this I want to match my stocks to the various indices the stock belongs to via a vlookup in excel. I am hoping someone can point me to some data that will support this.. eg asx code and...
  6. S

    Amibroker, Indices and Lists

    Hi everyone I'm just getting back into shares after a while away. I'm using Amibroker. Previously when I wanted to set up lists I had to track the list eg ASX 200 on the web , usually on the ASX and specifically import that list in as a specific watchlist and then update it on a regular...
  7. n5032245

    YouTube/StockTwits weekly video TA on the major US indices

    i used to follow a guy in the states who did a weekly analysis of the major markets in the states and it was great to follow. i am trying to find him again, but can't. can anyone recommend anyone they follow? he had a really annoying voice and spoke very quickly and had his own sayings. open...
  8. B

    Commsec not supplying indices in downloads

    commsec has stopped supplying indices xao, xjo in EOD prices / all securities / ASX equities / end of day downloads since 25/11/2010. Also, I noticed that they stopped supplying the gold index a while ago in the same downloads. There must be many charters out there like myself who are quite...