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  1. Dominover

    WebIRESS - Which one is the most extensive?

    I'm looking at multiple options to sign up with a broker using WEBIRESS, but I'm not sure which one to get. I see Bell Direct, NAB Trade, Westpac, HSBC, all offer WEBIRESS. I gather these have been changed somewhat between brokers. For trading Australian Stocks and ETF's. Does anyone know...
  2. cogs

    Indicators Worth Using in FX

    I thought I might share some useful (MT4) indicators I have used (gathered) over the years, post them through from time to time. The theory behind these indicators can be used in general, in any trading format, these just happen to be coded in MQL4. I have since switched to CTrader which...
  3. Ann

    Economic Indicators Charted

    There are a number of economic indicators that come out on a monthly or quarterly basis, these often have quite a dramatic effect on the markets. Recently I have found a number of these indicators in chart form, which makes them far more interesting and potentially more predictive. Hopefully...
  4. AignerAndreas

    Demark Buy/Sell Indicators

    If you are looking for free Demark Buy and Sells on stocks go to It provides global indicators as well. It doesnt cost anything and you can subscribe via twitter, reddit or on the site.
  5. J

    Amibroker indicators: help me understand them

    Hi All, Just playing around with the Amibroker Demo, I am floored by all the Indicators available. Honestly as a newbie they basically look like pretty lines to me lol. I was wondering if there are any good books/guides explaining what all the indicators are, and their uses etc...
  6. K

    Volume vs. Indicators

    Probably not until you feel the pointlessness of working with indicators by yourself, you will not be able to refuse them. However, for a person who recently came to the stock exchange, indicators can help to understand one important thing, namely, to understand the meaning of systematic...
  7. F

    Authoritative Source for TA Indicators Formulae

    There are many books on TA analysis and the underlying formulae. Where there are conflicts in definitions/formulae, it would be interesting to exchange views as to which references/sources would people consider as being the 'Bible.Thanks . Farmer George
  8. E

    Simple profitable strategy with 3 indicators: +11% profit on Gold 29-31 October

    Hello All This is a simple strategy i would like to share. Its a trend following strategy based on Bill Williams profitunity system. BW developped the chaos trading approach of trading. This how i trade it: 3 indicators: - Awesome oscillator on MT4 (i used a different version developped...
  9. crypto

    Conflicting indicators (or are they?)

    Hello, I've done some reading of late regarding the apparent importance of Volume when looking at entry and exit points. What I have seen seems to indicate that that measurements of Volume can be very important, perhaps the most important indicators. See the attached image. Am I reading things...
  10. Nortorious

    Moving Average as an indicator for entry into the market?

    Hi All, Relatively new to ASF and the sharemarket. Currently have capital of $10k to start me off in long term investing. I'm looking at selecting stocks using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis with the goal of capital growth and passive income (through dividends). I'm...
  11. A

    Day trading indicators - help!

    Hi everyone, I am new to trading and am very cautious about joining new companies for trading strategies after being sucked in to cough up some big $$! Does anyone have any important indicators that I should be using on a 5 minute chart or any success you may be having with indicators? I...
  12. S

    Option data with all the indicators on the same table?

    Hi everyone I have been looking for a nice data sheet with all the greeks of a various strike prices of the same underlying share that can be cut and pasted on Excel for a further analysis. In optionsXpress, the information I want is found in pricer in the chain. However, whenever I cut...
  13. A

    What's your favourite combo of indicators?

    Guys, which indicators do you use regularly in your trading & why? Personally I keep Stochastic & MACD onscreen at all times & often refer to Momentum as well. I also keep a close eye on the company's ratios & executive/board trading. If the executive are buying or selling...