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  1. TiminOz

    What's an indicator for the average high and low of a certain period?

    Hey all ! I'm trading on the short-term price movements of a thing I own a large amount of, trading over a few hours...a day...a couple of days. I'd like to find out an indicator (on Tradingview, ideally) that I can use to quickly get a sense of whether it's actually worth me taking more time...
  2. jmbonni

    Temptation Point Indicator for Nasdaq Composite

    Temptation Point Indicator is an experiment about the research on cyclic systems. Ideally the price of an instrument should tend to the Temptation Point at closing. It has been adapted to the Nasdaq Composite index, thinked itself as a full and complete cyclic system. Each day a calculation is...
  3. D

    RASI adjusted indicator for Amibroker

    Hi! I am trying to program this indicator RASI ajusted for NYSE index, but there is no way that crossing over 0 will match stockcharts. Do you know what it can be? I did severals tests without exit...
  4. L

    Relative Strength Index Indicator Help!

    Hey there investors/traders :) I have been reading Stan Weinsteins terrific book and have recently read a chapter where he talks about the RS (Relative Strength Indicator) and how this is a very important indicator against a chart I have amibroker and when i drag the RSI indicator (I hope...
  5. cudderbean

    Is there an indicator to measure or filter out false breakouts?

    I was looking at a few charts this weekend and came across GNC on 19 May that opened up at 860 just over 10% higher that day than previous low and then proceeded to fall all day. I was expecting a breakout from 780 after the attempt the day before on high vol and almost got on board but decided...
  6. MrBurns

    The Harvey Norman indicator of retail decline

    I've been waiting for this, a massive drop, who knows how bad next year will be - where is the bottom of all this ? It's like watching grass grow and the property decline hasn't really started yet in earnest.
  7. doctorj

    A new indicator

    I've often pondered the potential of using the number of posts generated about a particular share as an indicator of it's short term potential. Obviously the indicator would be skewed towards small caps and wouldn't distinguish between stocks that are experiencing price action at either end of...