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  1. P

    Which is the best way to invest in the Indian share market?

    G'day folks, I'm new to investing (since Friday last week). My main goal is long term investment, however, my starting cash is quite low and already used up in 2x ASX ETFs and 2x Aussie businesses that do not pay dividends. I am currently using Commsec as a platform to invest. Any one have...
  2. D

    Options Trading in International Markets (US, Hong Kong, India)

    Please let me know which Brokers / Platforms are recommended for trading Options / derivatives in International Stock Markets (US, Hongkong and India) from Australia? Also what are the Tax implications while trading in International Markets from Australia?
  3. M

    India tech bull

    Looks like the heavies are starting to take notice. Anyone in on the action?
  4. System

    INF - India Fund

    The primary objective of India Fund Limited (INF) will be to deliver capital growth and regular dividends for Shareholders by offering a convenient and efficient way in which to invest into the long-term potential of India through Equities and Fixed Interest Securities. It is anticipated that...
  5. pavilion103

    My Trip to India - November 2013

    As promised here is a re-cap of my India trip. I will spread it out over a number of posts as I'm not sure how lengthy each one will be. As most on the forum will know, I am a Christian. I am an involved member in a Pentecostal Christian church in the Adelaide CBD. In November 2013...
  6. J

    Can you trade the Indian Stock Exchange with Interactive Brokers?

    Question, Can Aussies trade the NSE? I'm confused, does interactive brokers allow this? thanks guys..
  7. Calliope

    India - Male Chauvinism Reigns Supreme

    Two years GG started a thread on racism in India. Far more worrying is the treatment of unaccompanied women by male louts in a country where rape complaints are not taken seriously.
  8. kennas

    Attack in India

    Well, been following this all day and I'm in a few minds. 1. How dare they attack Leopolds? 2. Is this really 'terrorism' or is it a local cultural fight? 3. I'm still bamboozelled how warriors think killing innocent people is a good thing. 4. Fcuk I hope there's no Aussies in the...