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  1. D

    Options Trading in International Markets (US, Hong Kong, India)

    Please let me know which Brokers / Platforms are recommended for trading Options / derivatives in International Stock Markets (US, Hongkong and India) from Australia? Also what are the Tax implications while trading in International Markets from Australia?
  2. M

    India tech bull

    Looks like the heavies are starting to take notice. Anyone in on the action?
  3. System

    INF - India Fund

    The primary objective of India Fund Limited (INF) will be to deliver capital growth and regular dividends for Shareholders by offering a convenient and efficient way in which to invest into the long-term potential of India through Equities and Fixed Interest Securities. It is anticipated that...
  4. pavilion103

    My Trip to India - November 2013

    As promised here is a re-cap of my India trip. I will spread it out over a number of posts as I'm not sure how lengthy each one will be. As most on the forum will know, I am a Christian. I am an involved member in a Pentecostal Christian church in the Adelaide CBD. In November 2013...
  5. J

    Can you trade the Indian Stock Exchange with Interactive Brokers?

    Question, Can Aussies trade the NSE? I'm confused, does interactive brokers allow this? thanks guys..
  6. Calliope

    India - Male Chauvinism Reigns Supreme

    Two years GG started a thread on racism in India. Far more worrying is the treatment of unaccompanied women by male louts in a country where rape complaints are not taken seriously.
  7. kennas

    Attack in India

    Well, been following this all day and I'm in a few minds. 1. How dare they attack Leopolds? 2. Is this really 'terrorism' or is it a local cultural fight? 3. I'm still bamboozelled how warriors think killing innocent people is a good thing. 4. Fcuk I hope there's no Aussies in the...