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  1. Ann

    $CRB Index

    The $CRB Index (Commodity Research Bureau) or The Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Index is an index of commodity futures. The index is comprised 19 commodities: Aluminum, Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Crude Oil, Gold, Heating Oil, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Natural Gas, Nickel, Orange...
  2. Ann

    XTJ Telecommunications Services Index - Charted

    Currently there are six stocks that make up the XTJ Telecommunications Services Index at the time of posting. CNU - Chorus Limited SPK - Spark New Zealand Limited SDA - Speedcast International Limited TLS - Telstra Corporation Limited TPM - TPG Telecom Limited VOC - Vocus Group Limited In...
  3. W

    Hypothetical Monthly Momentum Portfolio vs. Index

    This thread is intended to be a journal/diary/real time tracking of a HYPOTHETICAL Monthly Momentum Portfolio VS Index (All Ordinaries Accumulation Index). None of the shares mentioned in this thread are recommendations, nor is this strategy recommended to be traded real time. Ever since...
  4. R

    To hedge or not to hedge? - S&P 500 Investment - Short and Long term

    Hi all, First post to the aussie stock forum. I've spent a few hours searching and reading but still felt the need to drop my thread here. Hoping to learn and contribute where I can in the future. I wish to open 2 positions in the S&P 500 (5 year and 15+ year) but am unsure whether to hedge to...
  5. M

    Index calendar spread?

    Does anybody trade Index Futures Calendar spreads (ES SEP-DEC etc They dont move like commodity spreads except in last few days or hrs of front leg expiary So how to trade them? Here is the screen shot for SEP/DEC spread Experts please advice
  6. T

    ASX200 Index Chart

    Hello! I'm quite new in trading so I wanted to share my idea in order to have some feedback. I've been following the ASX200 index and this is the wave analysis I worked out: I wonder what do you guys think, I appreciate :xyxthumbs Best regards!
  7. L

    Relative Strength Index Indicator Help!

    Hey there investors/traders :) I have been reading Stan Weinsteins terrific book and have recently read a chapter where he talks about the RS (Relative Strength Indicator) and how this is a very important indicator against a chart I have amibroker and when i drag the RSI indicator (I hope...
  8. F

    How to Backtest S&P/ASX 200 Index with Amibroker?

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here want to backtest my trading strategy over S&P/ASX 200 Index. :confused: Here is my break down steps: Create a new database in AMIBroker Download S&P/ASX 200 Index intraday history data Import data into AMIBroker database Write foumula and back test it...
  9. B

    USD index vs. AUD index

    Hi Guys, I am looking at investing in an S&P 500 index ETF and adding a few thousand each month - I am currently looking at Vanguards flagship VOO (in USD) and VOOV (in AUD). I am a little confused as to how this works. Let me know I am am thinking about this the right way. My thinking...
  10. T

    Does the ASX S&P200 take into account dividends?

    Hi All Question about the ASX S&P200 does it take into account dividend payments? if so how? Thanks
  11. T

    S&P200 historical constituents

    Hello all I am after a list of S&P historical constituents from inception of the index in 2000. How could I find this information? does anyone have a list, even if rough. Thanks.
  12. J

    Index investors - How often do you review & rebalance?

    Are there people who are 100% index (like ETF) investors? How frequently do you rebalance? What is the best way to stay on top of when to rebalance? Do you have a tool to set alerts, triggers, etc?
  13. G

    Comparing market index to a potential stock

    i've been exposed to the idea of the need to check e.g. the sector index or the main index such as the all ords or asx 200 b4 you do a trade. that when the main index is going down, it's not advisable to take a long position right. and we should check to make sure it's going up b4 we go long...
  14. E

    Accumulation Index performance figures?

    Does anyone know where I could find the performance figures of All Ordinaries Accumulation Index (or any other Australian Accumulation Index)? I don't need the raw numbers, just the monthly or yearly % change would be nice. Google only brings up pages about "what is an accumulation index" and...
  15. D

    How to make your own index?

    Random question and more or less curiosity. So I understand how an index is created (or priced might be a better way to put it). How do these indices actually get popularity and traction? Do the creators actually earn money from 'selling' the index to an ETF type manager? Such as say...
  16. T

    Automated trading CFDs and Indexes?

    I am looking to automate a strategy i have developed for the asx200 index based on intraday trading. I have read many of the posts on automated systems but most seem to relate to equities and more particularly forex. Can anyone tell me if the various software systems available for...
  17. A

    AmiBroker: How can I add an index to a chart?

    Can some knowledgeable person please tell me how can I add an index to a chart. I tped s&p500 but I can't get it. I then typed spx, but still no success. please guide me, kind regards JoshuaJ
  18. D

    Metatrader broker for indexes?

    hi traders 1-any body knows brokers with normal and low spread on metatrader?? like germany DAX and crude oil gold with 1 or 2 tick spread? 2-any body knows brokers under 1 pip on metatrader for forex?? thanks
  19. Dominover

    Purchasing Mangers Index for Australia?

    Does anyone know if there is a purchasing managers index for Australia, or an equivalent. I know Markit Partners does a PMI which stands for 'Performance of Manufacturing Index' which is probably pretty close to what I'm after considering it considers orders received. Is there some other...
  20. T

    Measuring Market Index Volume

    I am inquiring about what are the down falls of calculating a volume estimate for the ASX 50 by taking the minute price and volume for each stock in the ASX50 and then adding it up. For e.g. 10.34am BHP calculate the average price for the minute bar = (H+L+C)/3 then multiply it by the volume...