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    Are there any HK50 Index traders?

    I have been Sim trading it for the last few months using Wychoff Volume methodology. I'm up to 1000 trades & it looks promising. Looking, watching for patterns. My observations: - It mostly makes it move 30mins after open - It mostly stays with this move for the rest of the day session - It...
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    Index Timing: wanna Learn

    Interested in creating discussions with those that actually can trade and in doing so exchange ideas
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    What is the use of leverage in index trading?

    after all, you trading based on margin, 1% of the open value.
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    A basic question about Commsec CFD platform - index trading

    I just want to ask a few basic questions. 1) buy and sell. does buy means bet on the market go up, and sell mean bet on the market go down? 2) Equity and Fund does Equity mean what you put in the market, and Fund ( I am 99% sure about Fund) means your deposit? 3)what does type G...
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    Trading US indexes

    A friend of mine wants to trade on the US indices. Assuming he was over 18yo, is it actually possible or do you require things such as a US bank account, US's equivalent of a TFN, etc...
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    Which is more risky? Index trading or share trading?

    which is more risky? index trading or share trading?
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    A basic question about index trading - UK100

    I like UK 100 the most. in commsec, There are - FTSE 100 cash (A $10 contract) FTSE 100 Cash FTSE 100 FEB FTSE 100 MAR FTSE 100 JUN what are the difference?
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    Does Commsec support index trading?

    I see no place in commsec can doing index trading
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    Reviews of Smart Markets Australia's index trading packages

    hi everyone, Has anyone tried or investigated any of Smart Markets Australia's Index Trading Packages? Do you know how much these packages cost? Their website claims, "Smart Markets consistently hits a strike rate over 70% of recommended trades being...
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    Global Markets Australia - Is this a scam?

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to this forum here and would appreciate some guidance/ experience and wisdom into a company "Global Markets Australia" ( They boasts that they are a "global leader providing intra-day index services,". I have been contacted...
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    Eurtrade Capital

    Hi, has anybody in here ever came across company called Eurtrade Capital? their an aussie company that trade on world indices using a betting platform called Bet on wondering if anyone has had an experience with them. cheers
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    Alpha Select Index Trading Managed Accounts - Has anyone invested with them?

    Has anyone invested with or had any dealings with Alpha Select Pty Ltd and their index trading managed accounts? Their returns seem a bit too good to be true (60% in 6mths on $10K) and often a sign of a scam but I'm not sure and interested to hear any other experiences. I can't find any...
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    Heard of The Ariton Group?

    Hi guys, I have been getting calls from a company called the ariton group. The salesman who calls keeps telling me I'll make over $500 a week (tax free) from investing a bit under $10,000. They claim to get almost 90% of their trades correct, can anyone confirm or deny their sales pitch for...
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    Share Renting, Eminis, CFDs, Index Trading

    Start with $5000 and make between $1000 to $5000 a week. A friend gave me some DVD's. I'm thinking this is too good to be true? It says "low risk" but with these sort of returns it must be extremely high risk. I wish these sprukster companies would stop pushing this sort of stuff and give...
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    Prosperity Group International??

    Has anyone heard of Prosperity Group International?? They have been ringing me a couple times in the last few weeks. I just had a quick browse through the website and I think I'll start learning about this index trading. Has anyone used PGI before? Or is there better alternatives thanks
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    Some random thoughts about Index Trading

    This afternoon, looking for an afternoon rally, once is shows a strong bounce.
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    Index trading, just some random thoughts

    Hey all, I trade the SPI for fun, on a small number of contracts. Just to state the obvious, we had a breakdown on bad jobs news on friday night, which looks like it could be the start of another run down. It kind of formed a minor double bottom after the news, but im sure most will fade...