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  1. G

    ASX Index tracking fund that reinvests instead of paying dividends

    Hi All, New here. I have some investments in Vanguard ASX 300 fund (VAS.ASX) which regularly pays out dividends, which I have set to automatically reinvest. But because it pays dividends I have to pay tax on it. I am in a fairly high tax bracket and looking for a fund that does not pay out...
  2. So_Cynical

    STW - SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund ETF

    STW – SPDR ASX 200 Fund – Index tracking fund. Company Summary Security type: EXCHANGE TRADED FUND UNITS (7) Market Cap: 949,725,630 Issued Shares: 30,350,351 First listed: 27 Aug 2001 52-wk High: 58.4700 52-wk Low: 30.8700 Div Yield: 10% + (approx) Full & interim dividends partly franked...