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    Best stock exchanges to trade Index Options from Australia?

    Which are the Best stock exchanges to trade Index Options from Australia? Which Indexes offer high liquidity and are better suited from Tax treatment perspective? Has anyone traded in options in Hangseng and Singapore stock markets? How are these markets in terms of liquidity and tax implications?
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    Understanding Index Options

    Picture below is the at the money call market for the XJO option series. Now I know that the notional value is 1 point = $10 so in this example the contract value is 58,650 I don't understand the bid/offer. If I want to buy 1 contract XJOM27 (which I assume is June) how much will it cost me...
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    Anyone currently trading European Index options?

    I would be interested to know what brokers and platforms are available for this for Australian Clients?
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    Hedging with intraday index options?

    How do you hedge an intraday (open to close) strategy? I'm working on an equity strategy that sometimes takes large daily losses, and these losses tend to occur when the broad market moves against my individual bets. I'm trying to find a product that will let me hedge against these movements...
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    Index Options Trading

    Would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has dealt with / lost their money with Camelot Derivatives, Neil King. Confidentiality assured.
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    STW CFD vs. Index Options

    Hi all Macquarie has just introduced this: "STW.ASX has been added to the list of CFDs available to provide investors with exposure to the StreetTracks S&P/ASX 200 exchange traded fund (ETF). The fund aims to track the S&P/ASX 200 index by investing in the securities comprising the S&P/ASX...