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  1. N

    Purchasing index funds directly vs. via a financial adviser

    Hi, My sincere apologies if this has been covered before. I've searched through some similar headings but some of them weren't answered in the way that I was looking for. That or I couldn't find the one that answered my question. The question is this: What is the advantage of me purchasing an...
  2. A

    How many people get above average returns over the long term?

    Many people argue that you are better off in the long term putting your money into index funds, I think the average is around 7-8% compounded and that most money managers do not beat this, there are some of course that do beat this such as famous value investors; buffet, greenblatt etc. But how...
  3. B

    ETF Index funds for long term

    What portfolio of ETF’s would you recommend for someone 30 years old, wanting to invest a regular amount with a minimum of fuss, seeking maximum return over the long haul?
  4. Darc Knight

    Smart Index Fund Investing

    I'll start this thread as it looks like people have missed the point of my Lazy Portfolios O.P. People can continue to post their preferred Index Funds there but if we could please make this a thread about overcoming some of current problems with Index Funds. Problem one I see is that the...
  5. M

    Index funds are Communist

    All the whinging in the "biatch about general chat" thread did bring up an interesting subject. Index funds and passive investing. I have to admit that I haven't been that interested in trading the local market that much. I came across an interesting article...
  6. J

    Index funds

    Hey Guys This question may have been asked before, but what is the process of investing in an index like the all ords, ASX 200 or an overseas index? I have recently read the bearfoot investor and Unshakable where they both talk about investing in funds like these. What's the starting point...
  7. M

    ETF and index funds question

    Hi Ill be starting some investing in July when my term deposit and all my debts will be paid in full. I've read the following and have a few questions. - The little book of common sense investing by Bogle - The intelligent investor by Graham - The barefoot investor by Pape 1/ In Bogle, he...
  8. S

    32 Years Old with $5K: Should I start with an Index Fund or ETFs?

    Hi folks, I'm very new into this world of investing and finances. It all started when I learned about the Acorns iPhone app and I've been reading up and listening to podcasts about investing. I've learned about the power of compounding and I want to have a good amount of money when I reach...
  9. R

    Are Index Funds the right choice for me?

    Hello everyone! Over the past few years I managed to save a decent amount of cash, purely by hard work, so I would like to hear some of suggestions about potential viable investments. Originally my idea was to invest in Perth housing market, however I think that's not the best idea now...
  10. A

    US Index Funds

    Hi guys, can anybody suggest some good US Index funds with dividends that can compound over many years? Thanks in advance..
  11. J

    Index Funds

    Hi there, Done a search on index funds. Looking at my options deciding between STW and IOZ. I hear a lot supporting STW on these forums and not much talk of IOZ. IOZ offers lower expense ratio (0.19 vs 0.29) but still seems to be the less favourable option? is there more difference to them...
  12. I

    Index funds - can you beat the market?

    I'm a firm believer in index funds, with my largest shareholding being in the SPDR S&P/ASX200 fund (ASX code: STW), because I am not convinced that most of us punters can beat the market. Obviously exceptions (such as Buffett) exist, but even most professional fund managers struggle to match or...
  13. S

    Where to start?

    Greetings all. Being a newb to the finance forums i have decided its time to make my first post. Over the last few weeks i have spend a few hours weekly reading a few topics on the site and have realised i know bugger all about the asx and shares. I was hoping to get some decent advice on what...