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  1. Frankieplus

    LICs & ETFs that can't beat the index: Any point?

    Hi again, Sorry for all the posts.. I've been reading the barefoot investor and the author seems to like LICs.. He mentioned AFIC as one of his suggestions. So I looked up AFIC and compared it to the Index and saw how the Index is beating this LIC, So I have a question. Is there any logic in...
  2. O

    Index ETFs (STW) vs. LICs

    Hi I wonder if someone will enlighten me on two issues: 1. Would it be fair to say that there should not really be any difference in the long term growth/SP (in % terms) of an index ETF such as STW and that of a large LIC which invests in ASX 200 companies such as ARG or AFI. 2. Is there...