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  1. divs4ever

    Achieving a sufficient retirement income portfolio a major priority for me , right for the start of my investing adventure ( well i was 55 , no super , but a useful amount of money , i suppose i could have opted for a mid-life crisis )
  2. john5

    Tax question re: foreign income

    hi all, just a question on a specific type of foreign income, i own a few domain names, and have them "parked" on a us-based parking platform, the platform collects parking revenue for me, in usd, and generates reports which enable me to see what im earning, even daily ... sometimes it's only...
  3. Value Collector

    Universal Basic Income: the answer to unemployment by automation

    Traditionally, The goods and services we need and want have been produced by a blend of Capital and labour. However, increasingly the labour component is shrinking which will eventually lead to mass unemployment caused by a smaller need for workers, while the capital investment needed gets more...
  4. R

    Is net income/profit/cash flow the same thing?

    Hey guys so do all these words mean the exact same thing? I was reading up Sirtex Medical, and I can't find net income so I went to net profit (after tax results) did some ratios compared it to some on other websites and it was pretty much spot on, but wanted to make sure that this wasn't just...
  5. R

    A question on making income and question on annual reports

    Hey guys so quickly I wanted to ask everytime you have ideas on making money you just shoot ideas, why do SO MANY people just assume you are trying to get quick rich? It seems like to me jealously or an excuse is "it's not easy" so what! Are you supposed to not do something because its hard...
  6. R

    Opinion on Intelligent Investor Growth and Income Portfolio and ETFs?

    Hey guys wanted to get your opinion if you have tried the growth or income portfolio on the IntelligentInvestor website, I have considered buying it but I felt like the expense ratio was too high, though it does offer a 15% return before taxes and that. Also if you are a growth investor do you...
  7. R

    Are dividends real income?

    Since a share's price is adjusted downward by the amount of the dividend, how can a dividend be called income? Isn't it the same as having a bank account where they pay you 3% but take 3% out of your account beforehand? Or am I missing something here? Just wondering...
  8. sydboy007

    Latest income deciles for Australia

    thought it might help readers to see what the latest income deciles are (from the ABS) Certainly helps to keep perspective, especially when strugle street is now $150K, or even $250K depending on who the MSM decides to reference. I find it funny that no one ever asks these struggling...
  9. sydboy007

    What is the typical Australian Income in 2013?

    hopefully I wont get into trouble posting a copy of a macrobusiness article by Matt Cowgill. I just think it's important that people understand income distribution within this country, especially when you hear politicians going on about $250K households on struggle street :banghead: A...
  10. T

    OptionsXpress want my bank and specific income details

    Hi all, Just opened new non proffetional account with optionsxpress, to paper trade mainly and do my 1st couple trading in 3 months ( hopefully), they offer 5 free trades if I put some money now which I find great My q is they requested my detailed bank account ? Is it safe to give it to...
  11. B

    Trading as an 'income'

    Hopefully this is a bit of food for thought and discussion material. Since having started trading full time as of 01/11/2012 I have learned a lot of lessons about trading that I would not have otherwise even thought about. 1. Trading results are not linear - one must remove the idea of...
  12. MrBurns

    Best shares for income/dividends

    I'm about to put some money into shares that give the best dividends, TLS is one but what are your thoughts on any others. Yes I risk losing capital if the market tanks but there seems to be a lot of pressure on the RBA to lower interest rates even further, wouldn't that keep the market up ...
  13. Tyler Durden

    If your income increased 30% for a year

    Assume you are an 'employee' on a salary which enables you to live comfortably. If your salary were to increase 30% for a year (and after that your salary would revert back to the previous level), what would you do to make the most of it (in the financial sense)? Is it possible to somehow use...
  14. N

    Income Portfolio

    Due to this current market crash I will be starting a portfolio of dividend paying shares which I will be using to try to generate a long term income stream. I will be using $50,000 start up capital with all dividends re-invested and I will try to invest another $5,000 each year for the next...
  15. J

    10% return on my investment as income?

    Hi, I am so new to all this its not funny. My aim is to get a minimum of 10% return on my investments as regular distributions / dividends etc. Being new, I am thinking managed funds or the like until I get some sort of trading methodology in place. Is this feasible or am I dreaming...