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  1. Value Collector

    Buying "Deep in the money" options

    Hi Guys, I am far from a guru when it comes to options, I run a pretty simply operation selling puts and sometimes using a "buy write call option" strategy. But I occasionally see bids in the market for very deep in the money puts. For example today I saw a bid for an FMG March 2018 put with...
  2. P

    Calculating fees when buying options and how to exercise them before expiry?

    Hi, Anyone know how to calc fees in buying options? According to Etrade it is: AU$0.143 per Equity Option AU$0.495 per Index Option But how do I know it is an index or equity option? Would TTEO or SSNO be equity options? If I buy 10K worth of TTEO ($10,000 / 0.015 = 666,666...
  3. Z

    Why isn't Intrinsic Value on an ITM Covered Call ever Profit/Earnings?

    Ive a question that has me baffled and cant seem to get this answered adequately. When writing a Covered Call (Buy/Write) In the Money (ITM) the premium is made up of Intrinsic Value & Time Value. Supposedly the Intrinsic Value is Never Ever profit. I can see how that is the case when...