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  1. roland

    Immigration versus Culture Retention

    When I was actively traveling the world in the '70's with the Airforce it was an amazing adventure to visit places that felt so foreign. In fact half the fun was standing out like a sore toe in a place that rarely saw the outside world. The title of the thread is not entirely the easiest one...
  2. W

    Cut in Immigration?

    Liberal says to cut immigration by 25%.....Labour says this will 'turn off the tap' for businesses seeking skilled labour. I say we need to cut immigration right back! Living in Melbourne, the traditional population is becoming outnumbered by Chinese and Indian immigrants....who all have...
  3. B

    Asylum immigrants - Green Light

    :mad: Off shore -now not on . Get ready for the next invasion of economic refuges. The cost will be immense both monetary & socially. Bob.
  4. B

    Immigration stupidity?

    Not that long ago 5000 people from Sudan were let into Australia on humanitarian grounds. The result of this has been a crime nightmare. Police are frustrated with how they need to place there resourses, gangs of young men from this import are now a cause of much crime. Most third world people...
  5. B

    Our Immigration standards?

    My thoughts are those that wish to settle here should only be considered if they can contribute to our economy, make their FIRST loyalty to Australia & learn to speak english & MIX with us!. Simplistic isn't it. :2twocents Your thoughts Aussies ? Bob.