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  1. R

    First, Kill Your Ideas

    “We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress.” – Richard Feynman Investing is part art, part science. There’s no single formula for success as the future is uncertain, probabilistic, and constantly changing (our forecast changes...
  2. L

    Ideas... not advice

    I am looking for some ideas on how to approach finances to position myself and wife for retirement. Nothing anyone says will be construed as financial advice...I am just finding that accountants and financial advisers are limited and conservative in their least the ones I come...
  3. G

    Standard swing trading ideas

    (skip to question below if u prefer) I've spent lots of time learning and i'm still learning more and more. i like trend following (daily timeframe) and i'm going to continue with that. we had a bear market before so couldn't trade and now i'm into it and waiting for my trades to turn over...
  4. C

    Long Term Stock Ideas

    I'm on the hunt for some more candidates to research for a looong term portfolio. Anybody want to share some prospects they like? Price doesn't have to be right at the moment - I can wait for that to occur, but the quality of the management and business economics needs to be already obvious...
  5. tech/a

    Looking for papers on Evidence Based Results for T/A and F/A methods/ideas/hypotheses

    I'm on the search for any papers relative to any analysis F/A or T/A that has been rigorously tested The result positive or negative is un important. The veracity of the testing is however---must be Evidence based. If you know of any could you post up a link. Have a bit from Dr Bruce...
  6. M

    Position Score/Trade Ranking Ideas

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently designing a medium term momentum strategy and was hoping to get some advice on areas to investigate around trade ranking/ position score. Ie, my system returns multiple signals on the same day and I have a limited amount of capital to trade. If anyone could provide...
  7. gav

    Storing Useful Trading Ideas & Information

    I was wondering how people store useful trading ideas and information. About 6 months ago, I started collating ideas and information into a Word document if it helped me understand something, could be applied to my trading, or if I thought it would be useful to me in the future. It could be a...
  8. tech/a

    The Exceptional Wealth Accumulation Ideas and Thinking Thread

    My views on Business Property and in regard to this topic of Trading are I have found more radical than most. My own view is that a very high ratio of wealth accumulators will operate within their comfort zone---which is a great deal lower than even they expect. Warm and fuzzy is good but you...
  9. B

    Newbie Investment Plan, MkII: Ideas?

    Hiya Thanks to everyone that left feedback on my last thread. It's been well considered... sounds like my idea, at least for the time being, probably isn't the right way to be going. So what's the next step from here? A margin loan has been scrapped, but I'm still seriously considering a...
  10. positivecashflow

    Trade Ideas

    Your idea guys on possible option trade? TLT - Last Price 94.86 Target Price 97.94 Target Date 14/07/2005 chains can be found on IV: see chart below