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  1. G

    Crazy man hypothesis

    There is a crazy man on the street holding a powerful rifle. We don't know how far or if that rifle can shoot, but the man has threatened to shoot. Would you a. Move yourself out of line of fire (stay out of trouble) b. Call the police (find someone else to solve the problem) c. Try negotiate...
  2. CanOz

    What is the best option strategy to play this hypothesis?

    The other option thread inspired me to get some help on a strategy i had thought of to trade options. My hypothesis goes something like this: My analysis tells me that GC 12-15 could be above 1100, or below 1100, but i'm almost positive that it won't be at 1100, anytime within the next 3...
  3. profithunter

    Efficient market hypothesis

    Who agrees with this hypothesis?? I'm interested to know as I recently completed an essay on the subject.