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    Anyone have a copy of the Quantitative Trading Systems book?

    Hi All, Anyone here got a copy of Dr Howard Bandy's Quantitative Trading System book? If you do, please send me a message. I have tried on and it does not stock it. It has to be ordered from USA. In this COVID-19 world, it is difficult to get stuffs from USA.
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    Dr Howard Bandy's newest book has been published

    Greetings -- Today, August 24, 2016, is the publication date for my newest book, "Foundations of Trading." The book's web page is (That will take you to the Blue Owl Press website from which all of the books and video presentations are available.) It...
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    Webinar discussing trading system development presented by Dr. Howard Bandy

    Greetings -- The International Federation of Technical Analysts, IFTA, (of which the ATAA is a member) has asked me to present a series of webinars related to the development of trading systems. The first, entitled "The Four Faces of Risk," was presented as a live webinar on Wednesday...
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    Free Webinar -- Dr. Howard Bandy -- Quantitative Technical Analysis

    Greetings -- I will be presenting a free webinar with material taken from my newest book -- Quantitative Technical Analysis. You are all invited. Here is a link to the invitation: ------------------ Free...
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    My new book, Mean Reversion Trading Systems, is available for pre-printing ordering

    Greetings -- My new book, "Mean Reversion Trading Systems," is nearly complete. I will be sending it to the editors this weekend. Depending on how much revision they suggest, the book should be ready to send to the printer about Monday, December 24...
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    Howard Bandy Books

    Hi Howard and everyone else, Just wondering are your three books helpful in designing intraday trading systems for futures? I would also like to hear from anyone who has use these books for their day trading strategies. Lastly, can I buy all three books at the same time and save some...
  7. aarbee

    Howard Bandy presenting in Australia

    Howard Bandy’s Workshops on Amibroker and Trading Systems design and testing have been announced at Brief details of the workshops are appended below. Howard’s books “Quantitative Trading Systems” and “Introduction to Amibroker” have been discussed...
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    Howard Bandy "Quantitative Trading Systems" & systems design Q&A

    Howard. Just recieved your book a couple of days ago. Firstly send my Thanks to your packaging staff. Tremendous job. From a brief look at your book, there is a great deal of effort in it. I lookforward to having a read. With the influence of amibroker I can see I'll have to yet again...