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  1. S


    Hot Copper openly admitting on the KOR thread they got a poster to plant a post. Then close the thread so no right to respond? How many more? Is this even legal?
  2. B

    TMH - The Market Herald

    HotCopper has planned to list on the ASX this year. What are your thoughts on that?
  3. N

    Mutiny at HotCopper

    ASF should get a boost with a mutiny going on at HC. They have introduced an advertising system that highlights certain words in a post you download. If your browser passes over that word then it opens an add. The add is not related in content to the word. If you post a complaint in the feedback...
  4. cordelia

    Is Hotcopper run by Fascists?

    Whats with the moderation on that site!!!! It's actually impossible to have an intellectual conversation on that site without some nazi moderator deleting a post at their arbitray discression.. A post of mine was deleted because i wrote this b..l...t instead of BS I have heard worse in...
  5. scuffler

    Madmacs on HotCopper

    Well i was very sad to see "john" madmacs go under. He has done his cash. Well i find it hard to see how.... Thats guy always had tight stop losses..... Well there you go...he was a chartist...i never liked charts...didnt do him any favours did it,lol. If i could send him my regards...
  6. sam76

    Hotcopper down

    any one else having trouble logging in?
  7. Damuzzdu

    Hotcopper attacks YoungTrader

    Guys, I am re-posting a post which i have just put on HC. It comes from a thread called "Youngtrader Ramped" on CUL Thread. quote Guys, Over the past two-three days there has been some serious accusations about YT and ASF posted here, and in a way hotcopper have been dragged...
  8. T

    HotCopper - Experiences & Opinions

    Just wondering what peoples views, thoughts, experiences and thoughts are of HotCopper?? My experience is it can get very hot and nasty on some threads and can be a good place to learn self control.