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  1. tech/a

    Same sex marriage - Yes or No?

    no sitting on the fence yes or no?
  2. ghotib

    Gay parenting

    I'm starting a new thread for this because I think it's a separate issue from gay marriage. My question is: What's uniquely gay about gay parenting? Of all the mundane, hilarious, terrifying, joyous, tender, infuriating, proud, teary, embarrassing, ferocious, peaceful moments that go...
  3. sydboy007

    Combating the stereotypes around homosexuality

    I'll add links as I read them. I was going to add this into the gay marriage section, but decided I'll just put the information out there and see if anyone is willing to read it The 48 gay...
  4. MrBurns

    Are you Gay? Time to fess up...

    Well I'm not but sometimes I wish I were, women just complcate life. Anyway if you're game you can fess up here.
  5. Sean K

    Gay Marriage

    Now, just to change tac a little and open another can of worms not specifically related to Al Qaeda - gay marrage. Bob Brown was in parliament today arguing that gay marriage should be accepted because it is natural and just and should be a legitimate way for two loving, caring people to...