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  1. matty77

    Commbank "your home loan direct debit repayment amount is changing"

    I just want to see if anyone else has had this email come through today from Commonwealth Bank, changes to your home loan... now I always pay extra if I can off my loan as this obviously saves me money in the long term. Now it seems on one hand that Commbank is doing the right thing here and...
  2. A

    Fix or not to fix home loan?

    Members Equity now offering fixed interest rate of 4.69% for 3 years. What do people reckon - a safe bet that variable unlikely to drop below that in the next 3 years?
  3. M

    Lenders' Mortgage Insurance [LMI] on Home Loans

    Hi We plan to assist a much loved family member get the deposit together to purchase a house. They are currently renting. My understanding is that, generally, a deposit of 20% is required to avoid very expensive LMI. I am hoping, among the collective wisdom on ASF, that some...
  4. H

    Accumulating wealth whilst paying off the mortgage

    I'm looking to buy my first home and have been doing my research on home loans and came across this product called Aspire from **Company Name Removed** and wanted to get everyones thoughts on it. Has anyone dealth with them before? Basically the loan has 3 components: 1. Home Loan (standard...
  5. M

    Latest Home Loan Data

    The newspapers yesterday were fairly positive about home loan approval figures just released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Age newspaper: "A 4.4 per cent rise in home loans in May suggests the housing market is starting to pick up after the slowdown earlier in the year following...
  6. R

    Tax implications of using a home loan for investing

    Hi Guys, I would really appreciate peoples thoughts and experiences on this. I currently have a home loan with an offset account that is in joint names (wife & I). The home loan is p&i. The offset account has some extra $$ that I am thinking of taking out and investing in shares in my wifes...
  7. T

    Have you fixed your home loan? Yes or No?

    With at least two more interest rates planned for next year (many are saying 4 is more likely) I was wondering how many members have fixed their homeloan rates. Please give reasons for fixing or not fixing and remember there is no right or wrong. We fixed ours prior to the last rate rise so...
  8. F

    Home loan query

    Hi, I recently refinanced my home loan onto an honey money period @7.19% for the first year then reverting to standard variable rate -0.75% for the rest of the loan life. No fees whatsover incurred to refinance. I have also a redraw facility. I use my home loan as a transactional account...