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  1. RazzaDazzla

    "Best" way to exchange money for OS Holiday

    G'day guys, What is the 'best' way to get the best rate when exchanging money for an OS holiday to Bali? I am well traveled, but am sick of paying the money changers exorbitant fees. So what is the best way to get local currency? Many many years ago I would have purchase travelers...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Holiday in Fiji

    Can anyone recommend any good resorts in Fiji for a holiday for two. Money is no object, so a 6 Star or above would be best. I've had a chance for a short break with Mrs Gumnut. I'd appreciate if folk answered who have actually stayed in a resort there. I hear there are some political...
  3. roland

    Holiday Photos

    This was just posted on a US automotive forum that that I read. Not sure of the validity: Family on holiday in Australia for a week and a half when husband, wife and their 15 year old son decided to go scuba diving. The husband is in the navy and has had some scuba experience. His son wanted...
  4. adobee

    Fiji holiday advice?

    I am looking to book a holiday to Fiji next month, has anyone been ? Can you give me any tips on where to stay, any top travel agents who can get us a great deal and any feedback on hotels... ?