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  1. N

    Trader Workstation - days in trade column?

    Interactive Brokers - using trader workstation Can I add a "days in trade" column and/or is there another way to track performance per days? so I can track if a stock is not really doing anything, treading water so I can get out and put funds elsewhere? Also buying IPO and using my issued...
  2. R

    Interactive Brokers: HIN/SRN?

    Hello I need to fill a legal document and I am asked the HIN/SRN of the shares I have with Interactive Brokers. Do you know where I can find that out? I searched on Google and from what I found it seems I am not the legal owner of those shares, then who is? I am asked also who is the...
  3. drmb

    HIN - HeartWare International

    Anyone follow this? Seems to be a VCR competitor, chart ho hum. Report from Hopkins of Lehman Brothers "Thoratec " top small cap idea" in the market.... price target of USD25 (market cap USD1.3bn) by April. ... next generation devices (such as the HeartWare HVAD) can increase the market to...