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high interest

  1. A

    Best high interest bank accounts you use/have found

    I remember a few years ago looking at HISA's (high interest savings account) that had as much as 7%. Now all i can find if 5% term deposit and about 4.5 introductory 4% normal. Has anyone found a higher one they use? This is purely for cash, not trading, so no need to be linked or...
  2. ftw129

    How can I offset/hedge against the high interest I'm paying?

    Hello out there! I'm currently stuck on a fixed mortgage rate of 7.48% (interest only, investment loan) for another 3.5 years. Is there something I can do, (like buy or sell a leveraged instrument that moves in tandem with the rates) to help close the gap between the high rate that I'm...
  3. J

    High Interest Savings Account... in a different currency?

    As the title says, is it possible to do in Australia? Or one must open an account in another country and transfer money into it? Just curious. Especially looking for USD