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high frequency trading

  1. Gringotts Bank

    HFT videos

    This one is fun. Break out the glow sticks....:afro:. Anyone care to explain what's happening? Is it just a bunch of servers pinging each other?
  2. S

    HFT backflip complete!

    For years I have argued on ASF about HFT. The issue I have faced is very similar to the issue on gold with this forum: Namely that you can't convince people who watch Max Keiser or Alex Jones that HFT is not an Illuminati conspiracy. But also that you can't convince traders and...
  3. basilio

    Should high frequency trading be banned?

    I assume most people on the Forum have heard of High Frequency trading ? Essentially it enables traders with instant access to the stock market to effectively make trades ahead of the rest of the market. Michael Lewis has just written a book on the subject which has exposed the nature and...
  4. C

    High Frequency Trading/Algorithmic Trading Question - Information Needed

    Hi there, I urgently need to accumulate a list of organisations with at least a significant presence in Australia who use HFT/Algorithmic trading. It's for an assignment, and Google is not helping! Even if you only know a couple/a few, hopefully I can put together a decent list. Any help...
  5. cogs

    Alan Kohler's Take on High Frequency Trading

    High-frequency trading is cuckoo Alan Kohler Published 6:40 AM, 11 Apr 2012 Last update 6:40 AM, 11 Apr 2012 inShare In the Australian Stock Exchange’s Sydney data room, which is about the size of a big lounge room, there are six “cuckoos”. These are the banks of servers...