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  1. Gringotts Bank

    HFT videos

    This one is fun. Break out the glow sticks....:afro:. Anyone care to explain what's happening? Is it just a bunch of servers pinging each other?
  2. S

    HFT backflip complete!

    For years I have argued on ASF about HFT. The issue I have faced is very similar to the issue on gold with this forum: Namely that you can't convince people who watch Max Keiser or Alex Jones that HFT is not an Illuminati conspiracy. But also that you can't convince traders and...
  3. R

    The Wall Street Code documentary

    Found this on Youtube, looks like it just came out the other day. It's a Documentary about Quants and HFT. I haven't watched the whole thing yet but it looks interesting.
  4. C

    High Frequency Trading/Algorithmic Trading Question - Information Needed

    Hi there, I urgently need to accumulate a list of organisations with at least a significant presence in Australia who use HFT/Algorithmic trading. It's for an assignment, and Google is not helping! Even if you only know a couple/a few, hopefully I can put together a decent list. Any help...