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  1. G

    Help with picking a coffee grinder

    i'll likely get a burr grinder, as they're supposed to give a consistent grind any models people know of? the less money the better. need even grinds, for french press. i have a cheap manual burr grinder, but the grind isn't even
  2. jbocker

    Potential Partnership - where do you get help?

    My son asked me a question last night, that has me really excited but also worried. Many years ago my son knocked on the door of a small professional firm and asked for a part time job while he went to University. The owner took him on. He has worked there through university and for quite a...
  3. L

    Intrinsic Value

    G'day. I understand i'm new here but after browsing around i couldn't find any answers specific to my question, or find any rules stating that this is improper, so apologies if it is. I have been reading and trying to learn about the stock market for about a year or two now, (im 18) and ive been...
  4. A

    Starting Our Network

    Hello! I'm a 21 year old recent uni graduate in Economics and Finance. I've recently started trading again and would really like to build up my network in the stock trading world. In the past ive seen great returns but I'm fully aware of my limitations. Knoweledge and disciussion is the key to...
  5. Gokusuperme

    Mentor for newbie?

    Hey guys, I'm currently learning not rushing through a course while I know I will be sitting on a demo account for long time. Who here has a mentor to help or someone to practice with??
  6. J

    Privacy Concerns

    Hello everyone, I am new to the world of stock investing and I am just wondering as to if I can keep my information private that I provide to third-party entities, keep in mind I am not at all trying to avoid taxes, I am simply paranoid for the information I provide. Can I also use my initials...
  7. A

    CMC Demo Account

    Hi I used to trade a CFD Demo account on CMC but the last fews days after logging in I cant view any charts. On the platform where it shows all the stock particulars (OHLC etc) fashing away it just all of the sudden says: "In Live Account Only" writtten over every stock in the list. This has...
  8. Y

    Need help with the bathroom

    Hello guys, no idea how off-topic it is, but still. I've recently moved and I'm in the process of repairing the flat. Can anyone recommend someone to deal with the bathroom? Also, I'm thinking about installing proper windows (not talking about the OS). Thanks in advance!
  9. J

    Brokerage Help

    Hello, im a 17 year old from Australia and wanted to take a wee yonder into the investing world, i want to invest rather then trade and given i have such a limited cash flow and amount to invest, i was curious about the options there was for me as firstly the legal age to set up a brokerage...
  10. R

    New here: HELP I just opened an IB Account...

    Hey guys, I'm really struggling with the IB UI/Workstation and its charting software especially the lack of candle size/TF options i.e. no 6, 8, 12 or 16 hr candles!? Does anyone know if there is an option to add additional time frames I've searched high and low and can't find anything...
  11. TheBigKangaroo

    HELP!! - Finding My Posts

    Hello fellows. Can someone please tell me how to simply list the posts I have made and or commented on. This is usually a simple task but numb nuts here can not for the life of me find how to do this. TIA
  12. F

    Stock Chart Help

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if there is any way to apply a tool over different charts to see what the outcome would have been, example I buy ASX200 & OBX25 everytime it drops one percent from its highest and close it when it reaches that one percent, I continue to do this upto 10% using...
  13. Wolfe

    Help: $USD Brokerage Account for US Equity Trading

    Hey ASF'ers, I'm sure many people here trade US equities, and if you use a AU Brokerage account like me, you're probably sick of paying the currency conversion each way on those US trades. So I'm wondering if anyone has, or knows how to open a US/$USD retail trading account from Australia (as...
  14. Mr_D

    Calling Any Traders In Perth, WA

    Hi Guys, Is there any traders/investors on here that live in Perth, or northern suburbs of Perth that have experience in trading or investing? If so and are willing to offer help and advice, please let me know as I am after some local help. Cheers D
  15. F

    Chart Help

    Hi Peeps, Firstly just wanna thank anyone that can help me out here, i am pretty new in the stock market and just seeking some information in regards to charts. I just wanna ask if its possible to if i can add like a pointer to the chart every time the stock price hit certain price, as in for...
  16. S

    Intern needs Help to keep his Job!

    Hi. We've all been there. There's a time in which you need informations and no books or guru are going to provide those to you. It's simply time to ask. Directly. I'm an intern in a web agency. One of our clients asked us to sponsor his Forex platform on the majors internet publishers over...
  17. T

    Help on pip prices with Pepperstone

    Hi everyone, For starters if people could recommend a legitimate forex company to trade with would be great. Ok ive been with FXCM for a year or so and after the U.S ban got cold feet. Thoughts on this would be helpful. So I signed up to pepperstone yesterday morning. During a...
  18. K

    Help opening an Interactive Brokers account with a Corporate Trustee

    Hi Guys, I'm going through the online application to setup an Interactive Brokers account so I can invest in international equities but are hitting a few hurdles! I have trust with corporate trustee already in place but I'm confused with some of the questions in the IB application process...
  19. W

    New to stocks: Need help

    Hi I am 22 and receintly took a interest in the stock market I have downloaded the 500 stock app and I am learning a bit of that. Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice for a beginner and also are there any books anyone could recommend I read before I start. Looked up books for...
  20. H

    Help with government bonds!

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about investing in Australian government bonds and can't decide between indexed and non-indexed bonds :confused:. What are the main pros and cons for either of them in your opinions and when is a good time to buy them? Also, I know that they can be purchased just like...