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  1. matty77

    Hedging against inflation?

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on hedging against inflation, or protecting yourself against it. Obviously any money sitting in the bank right now is loosing its real value pretty quickly so how would people safely hedge against this if we get increased inflation in Australia or the US?
  2. Y

    Hedging exchange rate risk

    Hi all, I have been doing a bit of investing with Stake so that I can easily get exposure to stocks on the NASDAQ etc. With Stake, there is no brokerage fee but you have to transfer AUD to USD. I am a bit fearful of where the USD is heading and would like to try and counter any exchange rate...
  3. R

    Which ETF to hedge against BBOZ?

    Hi all, First question here - If my thoughts are that the ASX will decline over the next 6 months or more and have moved in to BBOZ (geared bear fund). What suitable ETF would be good to mitigate some of that risk. A standard A200 or VAS or something else and what ratio should I consider...
  4. T

    The Hedge

    Lets Start with this: copied from the interweb. What Is Hedging? The best way to understand hedging is to think of it as insurance. When people decide to hedge, they are insuring themselves against a negative event. This doesn't prevent a negative event from happening, but if it does happen and...
  5. H

    Hedgers who buy stock index futures contracts

    I have been wondering who are the possible hedgers who buy stock index futures. Try googling stock index futures hedging and all the search results will tell you hedgers sell index futures contracts for hedging purposes. Most people own shares, so hedging means they sell futures contracts. So...
  6. L

    Hedging US shares with Interactive Brokers

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of trialling a momentum share trading system on the S&P500. Base currency is AUD. When I buy US shares, IB converts in USD with margin loan (I think). How can I hedge the currency risk if I think the AUD is going up? - IB does not allow Australians to use...
  7. A

    Investing in and hedging the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index?

    Hi, could anyone tell me what's the best way to invest in an australian emerging companies index and then completely hedge the market risk of the index? Eg would there be futures I could use for this? Thank you!
  8. F

    How does AUD Hedging on ASX SPX500 ETF work?

    Hello, As forex capabilities have been removed from IB retail accounts, I have been thinking about ways to be able to buy the US markets while removing AUD currency risk. Found an iShares AUD Hedged SPX500 ETF on the asx
  9. A

    How to hedge futures contract without using an option?

    How to hedge future contract without using Option ?
  10. N

    International shares hedged - as part of my super portfolio

    I currently have an Australian super account with a balanced allocation. Noticed in the last three months there has been no returns from either this all the Conservative balanced. In fact most of the conservative offerings by Australian super are stagnant. Probably reflects the general...
  11. goponcho

    Hedging against currency change for international shares

    Hi, Am aiming to begin a value approach. I wanted to buy a few shares from USA to get my feet wet. Want to buy a small parcel of maybe 2-3 companies to begin. Is there any cheap way of hedging against currency change? I do not really want to be in the macro guessing game of which way...
  12. R

    Hedging interest rates and property prices with ASX 10 year government bond futures

    Good day, Have you ever tried hedging mortgage interest rate risks with ASX futures? Share your experience please! Best regards, Alex
  13. T

    Put Options as a Hedging Strategy

    I was debating whether to post this in the Derivatives section or here but in the end felt that my level was very basic. I recently went through the ASX's online modules on options after some inspiration from Sir O's beginner's thread. I would like to use put option's as a hedging strategy...
  14. D

    Question re: Forex Hedging

    Hi All, I got a question for anyone who can give me a hint. My company singed a AUD/USD FX hedging last yr, saying we will buy USD tomorrow at 0.8532 however this rate is not attractive any more, so I want to either closeout the contract or extend for a further 3 months. Wespac just told...
  15. I

    Gold stocks and hedging

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to get info on the level of hedging, if any, a gold producer has? ...or is it just a matter of trawling through financial reports and announcements?:cry: Thanks
  16. A

    How to hedge a future carry forward long position?

    I want to go long with stock future with positional holding. Is there any hedging method to protect my position from sudden gap down/ fall ... I'm not interested in using Option. Please guide
  17. TPI

    Best derivative to hedge a long-term/buy and hold share portfolio?

    Hi there, Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the best derivative to hedge a long-term/buy and hold portfolio of ASX200 shares? Say a portfolio of 10-15 direct shares. Options, warrants, CFDs, futures... ? I was reading about short CFDs and thinking of using these, but after...
  18. O

    Recommendations to hedge against weakening AUD

    Hi all, I have no much experience in investments. My situation is that I have the majority of my portfolio sitting on a Savings Account. I want to protect myself from a weakening Australian Dollar. So far, my plan is to have a Forex account and open a long position on the USD AUD and hold...
  19. ftw129

    How can I offset/hedge against the high interest I'm paying?

    Hello out there! I'm currently stuck on a fixed mortgage rate of 7.48% (interest only, investment loan) for another 3.5 years. Is there something I can do, (like buy or sell a leveraged instrument that moves in tandem with the rates) to help close the gap between the high rate that I'm...
  20. P

    Hedging with intraday index options?

    How do you hedge an intraday (open to close) strategy? I'm working on an equity strategy that sometimes takes large daily losses, and these losses tend to occur when the broad market moves against my individual bets. I'm trying to find a product that will let me hedge against these movements...