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  1. S

    Hedge funds in Australia?

    Hello, Can you give me the top5 hedge funds in Australia based in Sydney ?
  2. A

    Hedge Funds Advice Please

    Hey guys, I was lying in bed after doing some research throughout the night into hedge funds and quant funds. I could not help myself getting out of bed and making this post to seek some advise from the more experienced. After much thought, I thought to myself that investing in Hedge Funds and...
  3. R

    LSE hedge funds vs. bonds

    Dear investors, Bond yields are next to zero nowadays. What do you think about switching bond part of portfolio to market neutral hedge funds? They have around 7% absolute returns with bond like volatility and are traded at London Stock Exchange. CFD are also available. One more...
  4. V

    Hedge funds shorting stocks, how do I determine?

    Hi this is my first post please advise me If I am posting in wrong place or posting in a wrong manner. I have been reading and learning a lot from this forum . So many wise investors sharing wisdom in this forum. Thank you for sharing great resources. I am a small time investor since last...
  5. Whiskers

    Should hedge funds be suspended/banned or more tightly regulated?

    From... Should shorting be suspended/banned? Quite an understatement. Maybe a more appropriate question should be should hedge funds be suspended/banned or more tightly regulated. It reminds me a bit of the firearm debate. Who should have access to them, should their purpose for...
  6. D

    Hedge funds: all you need to know, in plain English