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harry dent

  1. young-gun

    Mr HS Dent June update

    Was just on youtube and came across Harry Dents' update for June. Video was posted on June 19th on Tuesday. I know alot of people don't like the guy, but he was bang on with this weeks events, and hits the nail on the head with Europe imo. Seems Spain is actually getting more than just the...
  2. glenn_r

    Harry Dent's View

    Harry Dent is one of the world's pre-eminent experts on world financial markets and he was one of the first people to forecast the largely unanticipated boom of the 1990's. Now he's back warning everyone to batten down the hatches and be ready for a bumpy ride. "We see this almost like a...
  3. Kimosabi

    Has anyone heard of Harry S Dent?

    I got a call from a Financial Advisor who I saw a few months ago who want's to invest some of my hard earned through him. Anyway during the conversation he mentioned Harry S Dent as one of the people he get his info from and this is his basis of the Market remaining bullish until 2009. Harry...