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happy new year

  1. Craton

    Happy New Year for 2016

    May the trading gods smile favourably and good fortune rain upon all our trades in the upcoming New Year. :D Via the forum posts and PM's thank you all for making 2015 so much more enjoyable and thought provoking. May 2016 bring more of the same high standards our dearly departed Julia...
  2. qldfrog

    Happy New Year 2015

    Could not find the relevant thread? So wishing all the regular members and first on the list: Joe a happy new year 2015 May it bring health, happiness and wealth. i personally get a lot of benefits from reading wise posts from: to only name a few: rimtas, retiredyoung, smurf1976, Julia...
  3. sptrawler

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    It's been a great year, we have all had our disagreements, but all in all we've had a great time. All we need is a change of government to make the new year a better one.LOL Cheers Joe:D
  4. JetDollars

    Happy New Year!

    Dear All, Happy New Year and good luck with your investing!