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  1. SirRumpole

    Should the GST be increased/widened?

    The discussion is going on as to whether the GST should be increased or widened to close the deficit gap. This is a regressive tax that hits the lower income people the hardest and it would be politically dangerous to implement further changes, unless compensated for by tax cuts and pension...
  2. againsthegrain

    Buying second hand items with no ABN/GST invoice for my registered business

    I would like a second opinion in my situation. Currently I run a disposable income business on the side and have come accross a individual that is selling used items in small-medium quantity that are perfect stock for me. Since this individual is not a business he doesn't have a abn and is not...
  3. njc.corp

    Why don't eBay charge GST?

    I have always wanted to know why ebay is not gst registered? it might be silly ? but i have never understood it- why they don't charge gst Anyone have a idea? Thanks Nick--
  4. Walker

    YOW - Yowie Group

    Is anyone following this stock and/or have any thoughts on the long term prospects with their projec in Zambia