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  1. Dominover

    Options brokers Australia & option Greeks?

    Does anyone trade Australian Options through an Australian broker? Do these brokers provide Option Greeks as part of their data package? Thanks
  2. Mattie J

    Beta Weighting Gamma

    Hi, Does anyone here trade XJO options as well as US based products? If so do you use a beta weighting of gamma to adjust the XJO into your portfolios overall gamma? I beta weight vega with time, but not sure with gamma. I want to make sure I am comparing apples with apples in regards to...
  3. S

    Option data with all the indicators on the same table?

    Hi everyone I have been looking for a nice data sheet with all the greeks of a various strike prices of the same underlying share that can be cut and pasted on Excel for a further analysis. In optionsXpress, the information I want is found in pricer in the chain. However, whenever I cut...