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  1. wayneL

    France and Greece Elections - Omens of Doom?

    Ok I've been moderately bullish looking into the future, particularly on the States, with a caution on watching what happens in Europe. My spirits have just taken a dive into bear territory after the election results in France and Greece. I think that the breakup of the EU is now more likely...
  2. grandia3

    Greece default/exiting Euro?

    Greetings fellow investors/traders, It looks like the euro leaders are having trouble finding the solution for Greece and it seems that default is inevitable, continuous help/fund pouring into Greece is only delaying its default It seems that the final devastating option for Greece to exit the...
  3. P

    Greece - Is it saveable?

    There are jitters about the impact Greece's debt has on the markets. Portugal, Spain, Italy & Portugal don't look much healthier. Is Greece heading into the abyss or is it saveable? "The SPIEGEL" reports that Europe is considering an European equivalent to the IWF to combat financial problems...