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  1. basilio

    Should the Government Nationalise essential industries?

    Quantas and other airlines are facing a black hole. Given the fact that air travel will collapse for months ahead should the Government formally renationalise Quantas to protect the infrastructure as an essential national asset ? Should we be considering the same action to protect other...
  2. sptrawler

    The ScoMo Government

    Well the SMH, will have to get all guns blazing, before the next election. If they want to have any hope, of getting a Shorten led Labor, over a Morrison led Liberals. Let the war begin.:p Can't wait to see the first polls come in, my guess a BIG rebound, in Lib support.
  3. basilio

    USA ousting governments they don't like: What happens afterwards?

    Most people are aware that the US routinely exercises it's God given right to decide the Government that leads countries in which it has an economic interest. Have you ever wondered how this comes about and the longer term consequences of such interventions ? I was doing some research recently...
  4. basilio

    Honest Government Advertising...

    That does seem like an oxy moron doesn't it ? Nonetheless there is an opportunity to present the government honestly and accurately ... but perhaps it won't be the government that does the ads. Check this one out
  5. H

    Help with government bonds!

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about investing in Australian government bonds and can't decide between indexed and non-indexed bonds :confused:. What are the main pros and cons for either of them in your opinions and when is a good time to buy them? Also, I know that they can be purchased just like...
  6. A

    Money from the Government to the People

    Let me explain what happens when instead of the Goverment actually being the one responsible for providing services and held to account by voters, they palm this responsibility to the private sector. Imagine a doctor 100 years ago charging $20 a visit. You had to pull $20 out your own...
  7. H

    How to buy government bonds?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to trading so apologies if I ask any stupid questions. Just wondering, I'm interested in buying government bonds and I've read that you buy them just like any other shares on the ASX, however, I've searched for the bond codes on the ASX and nothing shows up. Where do I go to...
  8. basilio

    A Government that reflects the people

    Everyone is aware that Justin Trudeau has swept to power in Canada. You might also have realised that his cabinet has 50% women. Even Malcolm Turnball thought this was "a good idea" but not currently achievable with his present parliamentary make up. But what do we make of the whole...
  9. basilio

    Challenging police and local government corruption

    Last year the city of Ferguson went into uproar when a young unarmed afro-American was shot by a policemen. It got worse when the policeman was not charged with any offence. There has now been a Federal investigation into the policing practices in Ferguson. I have cut and pasted a few...
  10. DocSniper

    Corruption still in Queensland

    Remember this , its the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Of all the Departments that were found to be Corrupted, The police department were made the Fall Guys and thus placed Queensland as the most Corrupted state. It is the one's the CMC...
  11. sydboy007

    At what point should you not expect Government welfare?

    Preamble I'd just like to start out by saying I grew up in a poverty line family. My dad had to leave school at the age of 14 after his dad died and he needed to work on the family farm to keep things running. He's also dyslexic so was never able to hold a steady job for most of life. My...
  12. drsmith

    The government's dodgy budget savings

    First on the list is the accelerated transfer of unclaimed monies from lost super, bank and insurance acounts. By counting it as recurrent revenue and spending it, the government is...
  13. drsmith

    Superannuation, the ultimate government cash cow?

    Soon after coming to office in 1996, the Howard Government introduced a superannuation surcharge for contributions from higher income earners. It's reintroduction is currently off the agenda (according to The Australian), but Labor is currently considering the following measures (below, again...
  14. J

    If the Government was a listed company

    I thought this would be interesting (and depressing) to see what others thought. Their: D/E would be horrendous Profit Margin would be a joke Their sharholders would be forever calling EGM's etc... It may also result in them eventually becoming an efficient organisation... Ah, i'm just...
  15. kransky

    European government bonds

    Does anyone know if its possible to trade European govt bonds? Would love to be able to trade CFDs of Euro bonds..
  16. Garpal Gumnut

    NSW Liberal Government

    Now that the poll is over let us hope that the Liberals are less criminal in their activities than the ALP were. gg
  17. Buddy

    Guvmint Intervention in the Market

    IMO...... It is becomming increasingly obvious that the central guvmint (read krudd) is intent in market intervention to the extent that they (he) will not care if their (his) decisions destroy shareholder value. For example...Telstra..... We all know that the left wing (now) guvmint was...
  18. F

    Banks pressured government/ASIC for short selling ban

    Looks like the all the banks were pushing hard for the government to manipulate the markets for their own benefit. It is also apparent why the ban was on all stock as the banks are heavily into long-only investment funds (eg NAB-owned MLC and Westpac's BT Investment Management). It is really...
  19. MrBurns

    Anyone have any crook sssets they want to the Govt to take over?

    From the ABC web site - This is sick, how about bailing out a few of the small businesses that go broke. Their owners wont walk away with their assets in tact.
  20. Smurf1976

    Too much Big Brother Government!

    Re: Zinifex... ZFX Sorry for the off topic rant but I really don't like the way this country is going. I don't particularly care whether the price of ZFX goes to the moon tomorrow or not and I agree that we don't want blatant ramping. But this fear that we can't say something because the...