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  1. pixel

    Goodbye Market Analyser

    After years of decline, Sequoia has today shut down the Market Analyser 7 software. Dearly beloved by generations of technical traders and considered the shining light among its peers, it appears the competition smothered it by sheer weight of numbers. Sadly missed by all who got to know and...
  2. S

    Goodbye The Chartist forum

    The Chartist has closed down the "Community Forum" for members. Sad, remember Reefcap! Gonskie :(
  3. tech/a

    And it's Goodbye from him

    After 12000 odd posts its time to call it a day here. Everything I think Ive needed to say---is here. Had some great discussions and some terrific banters with you all here. All good people young and old. All with one aim to try and improve the quality of our lives and our families...
  4. RichKid

    Goodbye to CDs

    Thought this might be of interest, another major shift in shopping due to technology: