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  1. T

    Life's good

    You know I've been retired for 7 years. Retired at age 53yrs and have to say life is so exciting. Have always loved the adventure sports - canyoning, bushwalking, abseiling, kayaking. What I love about these sports is the self sufficiency skills that you build up over time. In the past I have...
  2. tech/a

    Maverick Money Management - Good, Bad or Ugly?

    What in your view is a Maverick? Are you a "Maverick?" Have you every been a successful Maverick? A reformed Maverick? A recovering Maverick? Any good or bad Maverick experiences? Any advice? Is it a good or bad way to do things. I'm actually speaking of Mavericks in all areas of...
  3. C

    Good or bad stickers stuck on cars

    Seen any good one's lately, or at all... read this one today "The only real wilderness is between a Greenies ears" :D Lol Lol
  4. GreatPig

    What looks good on your charts?

    Okay, for something to start with on this vBulletin software, what stocks are looking good on your charts right now (if you use charts, that is)? Here are a few of mine that I haven't mentioned before. These either have been good for me so far, or are starting to look like possibilities...