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good books

  1. D

    Good books about Behavioural Finance & Forensic Accounting

    Does anyone know of any decent books they've heard of or read themselves regarding behavioural finance and forensic accounting? I've noticed there is quite a few around but I suppose some reviews on what you've read may help to position me with what to get first. Cheers Dan
  2. A

    Good books on technical and fundamental analysis?

    Hey everyone, I've just signed up and have been reading a few threads on these forums and I'm quite interested in finding what good books (that relate to fundamentals and technicals etc) are worth getting... now as a complete newbie I have no idea what these even mean :P but I am very keen to...
  3. L

    Good book for beginner?

    Hi, I just graduated uni and now I have a half decent paying engineering job. I know nothing about stocks etc. I am about half way through the book "Rich dad, poor dad" but it does not give any guidelines to what is a good investment. I was thinking about buying one of "The dummies guide...
  4. Nero64

    Good books on Options

    Can anybody recommend some good books on options. I have seen a few in the book store, such as Guy Bower's book Louise Bedford's book The Options Course by Fontanills Thanks