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goldman sachs

  1. Modest

    Goldman Sachs Suggested Reading List

    I thought this was interesting... Sharing in case anyone is looking for some books to read over the break.
  2. B

    Goldman Sachs: "Engineering Every Major Market Manipulation Since Great Depression"

    Man, this article really stirs up some angst. Global warming or not, I think most people have been sufficiently conditioned by MSM for "green" to be the next bubble. The opportunities lye in picking the...
  3. jono1887

    Goldman Sachs

    Apparently Goldman Sacs hedged against their holdings in AIG.. so they recieved the govt bailout and profited from its near collapse. Does that make the bailout they received illegal as stated in that blog...
  4. D

    Goldman Sachs bullish on China

    Goldman Sachs has come out on Friday with a very bullish position on China's economy. Deng Tishun their China guru expects the economy to stabilise in the second half of 2009 and to take the country's stock markets up with it.He suggests that the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index which tracks China's...