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  1. JacksonMSB

    Thinking about buying gold: Any recommendations?

    I'm thinking about buying gold and weighing up my options. I'm interested to hear from other investors who have bought gold shares and/or bullion.
  2. Frankieplus

    Which Gold ETF/Stock?

    Since it's on the way up I want to buy into gold, but not sure which ETF or Stock I should consider. Does it even matter which ETF or stock I buy so long as it's gold? Gold is Gold right? Or wrong? I was thinking "SPDR GOLD TRUST GOLD SHARES" on the NYSE, would this do? Or is there another...
  3. I

    Gold stocks and hedging

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to get info on the level of hedging, if any, a gold producer has? ...or is it just a matter of trawling through financial reports and announcements?:cry: Thanks
  4. tinhat

    Gold Mining Stocks

    There is an active thread Gold Price - Where is it heading?, and an inactive thread "gold stocks", but I would like to discuss gold mining stocks. I know we discuss gold mining stocks a bit in the Gold Price thread but maybe they need their own thread. At the moment I am holding MML and SLR...
  5. J

    How to invest in gold & ASX gold stocks?

    I’ve been a gold buff since 2002, but have never had any money to invest. Now some cash has come my way, & I'm faced with an unexpected opportunity. But I realise I have little knowledge of the 'mechanics' of investing in gold or gold stocks. So I have some questions re (i) bullion and (ii)...
  6. I

    List of all Gold Shares - Producers and Explorers

    Hi, I am a newbie and I have an interest in gold stocks. Does anybody know where I can obtain an up to date list of Gold Producers and Explorers that I can export/download to .csv format etc. Thanks in advance Regards Steve
  7. System

    IDC - Indochine Mining

    Indochine Mining Limited (IDC) is the parent of a group of six (6) companies that collectively make up the Indochine Group. The Indochine Group was established for the special purpose of acquiring highly prospective mining and exploration projects for precious and base metals in South East Asia...
  8. MrBurns

    Gold or gold stocks?

    I'm starting to think it's getting close to where it will become apparent that some currencies will collapse, perhaps USD or the pound. So gold is probably a good choice about now, get in before the rush, but do you buy physical gold from say the Perth Mint and have them store it or do you...
  9. Neutral

    Why did Oil & Gold stocks rise today?

    I don't understand why oil & gold stocks rose today. They have both been in a steady decline in the last week or so but both reversed commodity stocks reversed today. My question is, why? :confused: Was it because of the futures price? (If so where do I find these prices?) Is it because the...
  10. S

    Gold: Shares or warrant?

    Hi All, Need advise to invest in gold! Which is better to invest in gold share or warrant? Thanks Sus
  11. P

    Gold Stocks Information and Comparison

    With gold continuing its rise up I have seen a major increase in threads regarding gold stocks, I have decided to put together a small compilation with a write up. I hold interests in most of these companies and continue to do so while the outlook for gold is bullish. If you choose to invest...