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  1. rogblack

    Trading the gold price from the Great Southern Land

    As a gold trader living in Noosa I've tried many strategies to cope with the time difference between us and the US. When first going live in Jan 2015 I was trading the hourly then 4hrly chart. From memory volumes were much higher and my lot sizes were certainly higher which meant profit was...
  2. T

    Gold Price to hit US$1,000,000 an ounce!!!

    Yes, thats $1 million an ounce. Have a read and a listen:
  3. P

    Price of gold may hit $1000?

    hi.this is my first post....i have read a few economists opinions and some recon that the price of gold may hit $1000 maybe in five years time? does anyone think this is possible, and if so what share would be ideal to accomodate this rise? thanks
  4. G

    Gold Price - Where is it heading?

    We have seen the false start and the consolidation. Now that more and more people are starting to realise inflation is about to go nuts and that is good for Gold.