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    Gold options withholding tax

    Hi, I have been trading gold options for 12 months through a UK broker. It is now time for me to cash in on profits. Regarding the withholding taxon capital gains in the US, my broker as informed that I have to pay it and then I will get it back. Please help me by clarifying why the tax can't...
  2. C

    Gold Options Scam

    Has anyone received a cold call from One Capital Corp in relation to Gold Options? British speaking males? Operating out of Singapore? Has anyone actually made money or had money return to them?
  3. T

    Vincy Options SA - Gold Options Scam

    Hi there, I am only a newbie, so be gentle. I think I have been scammed by a company called Vincy Options SA. They cold called me and even though I told them I wasn't interested, they kept calling back. They had all my and my wifes phone numbers, knew all my kids names and sounded like a well...