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    Can't go short on SaxoTraderGO

    Hi I just started using Saxo Trader but can't figure out how to place a short order on the platform. It's not like MT4 trading forex since on there you only have to place the sell limit order as you would a buy and the order just gets placed no problem if you have the margin etc. But Saxo...
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    Short only system for US Indices

    Hello, I'm looking for a short only system for the US market stock indices that will work with amibroker. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tradable model that is available for purchase? or perhaps willing to share a working model of their own with me? Returns need not shoot the...
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    Are there seasons and times for going long, going short and going to sleep?

    So you long time traders are there times through out the year more suited to different trades, different stocks? So I guess November a good time to look for retail buys and January a good time to take profits as the resellers start tilling up and realising people returned more than hy kept...
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    XJO overbought - Will going short work?

    like a company can and index be overbought?? I see analysts like the guy on TV..newspaper from commsec ..''this markets still going higher because of this and that ..surely after a rise of this magnitude they should be asking for CAUTION ...its heated and we know what happens in hot markets. Do...