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going long

  1. S

    Going Long - Understanding If A Stock's Worth Buying

    Hey guys, Hope you're all having a high-return weekend! Today I wanted to get your thoughts on my unorthodox investing strategy for picking stocks - typical investment horizon is 6 - 18 months, with the aim of 30 - 40%+ returns during this period, then compounding the returns into perpetuity...
  2. darkhorse70

    Are you asking for trouble if you're long in today's markets?

    As the title suggests, is it foolish to go long in a market like this. That is assuming if you belive the markets are over due for a correction. I feel conflicted as I believe the correction is around the corner however I have some stocks which I believe have great long potential. The dilemma is...
  3. B

    Are there seasons and times for going long, going short and going to sleep?

    So you long time traders are there times through out the year more suited to different trades, different stocks? So I guess November a good time to look for retail buys and January a good time to take profits as the resellers start tilling up and realising people returned more than hy kept...
  4. P

    Short selling and long buying same share?

    I have just started reading up on the stock market and just read over short selling, and it made me think. Do people ever short sell and long buy the same share at the same time to protect them self until they are sure what there stock is doing? eg. Say I thought XYZ share was going to go up...
  5. kransky

    How to go long on silver, gold, platinum, sugar etc?

    I am searching for a way to do this. I dont see how to using comsec my current broker. I am not an "active trader" though, i estimate i'll make 1 trade per week