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global warming

  1. Joules MM1

    Advantages of global warming

    I like the idea of vertical farming and localised water-based power production vertical farming is not restricted to location, more restricted to imagination and community demand and that demand is already underway and likely to speed up over the next few decades as we reclaim from horizontal...
  2. Ann

    Fake News - Global Warming Consensus

    There is some really dodgy stuff and 'creative accounting' going on with this Global Warming mob. I will go into more detail further down the track. In the meantime, if it isn't poor little CO2 causing all this commotion about climate change what could it be? Sometimes we find the simplest...
  3. basilio

    Is Global Warming becoming unstoppable?

    The IEA (International Energy Agency) says that unless we make far reaching changes to energy supplies within the next 5 years Global Warming will spiral out of control. In particular we have to stop the next proliferation of coal fired power stations that are planned for India China and...
  4. M

    Resisting Climate Hysteria

    Resisting climate hysteria by Richard S. Lindzen July 26, 2009 A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action Link-
  5. 2020hindsight

    Is it OK to jest about global warming?

    given the consequences of failure, is it ok to jest about it?
  6. treefrog

    Global Warming Bubble Stocks

    Whilst there is a lot of input to the general chat global warming thread I thought we should have a thread for traders/investers keeping an eye on this field I note a number of mentions of stocks in this area but attempting to sort the wheat (stock comment) from the chaff (what temp my a/c is...
  7. 2020hindsight

    Global Warming - How Valid and Serious?

    What do ASF members think of Global Warming, man's contribution thereto, and the urgency to act?. Notes .. GW = global warming brd = beyond reasonable doubt a) there is no reliable evidence that indicates global warming (GW) b) there is GW, BUT the manmade contribution is UNPROVEN...
  8. wayneL

    Program: The Great Global Warming Swindle

    75 minutes worth... interesting.
  9. B

    Global warming - Best Companies

    Hi Guys, With the increased awareness of global warming in the last couple of years and the acknoledgement by governments that it actually exist i thought it would be interesting to have a discussion on the companies that may benefit the most due to possible changes in the climate...